TJS Self Drive Alan Healy Memorial Cadwell Park Stages Rally 2018

Overall Leaderboard

1. Mark Kelly and Andy Baker- Ford Escort Mk2

2. Ian Woodhouse and Jason Leaf- Ford Escort Mk2

3. Graema Bell and Russ Radford- MEM Proton Satria Neo


Class A Leaderboard

1. David McMullan and Marc Melhuish- Vauxhall Nova

2. Aaron Rix and Rob Cook- Ford Ka

3. Andrew Chandler and Richard Chandler- Ford Escort 


Class B Leaderboard

1. Paul Sheard and Bruce Lindsay- Mazda MX5

2. Des Campbell and Craig Forsyth- Peugeot 206 

3. Ken Sturdy and Richard Wood- Suzuki Swift Maxi

Class C Leaderboard

1. Dane Walker and Dave Boyes- Ford Escort Mk2

2. Gary Mason and John Matthews- Ford Escort

3. Roland Brown and Terry Luckings- Ford Escort Mk1


Class D Leaderboard

1. Chris West and Keith Hounslow- Peugeot 306 Maxi 

2. Mike Taylor and Martin Haggett- Talbot Sunbeam Lotus 

3. Tom Blackwood and Gordon Winning- Ford Escort Mk2 


Class E Leaderboard

1. Ian Bainbridge and Daniel May- Subaru Impreza

2. Toni Carannante and Franco Carannante- Subaru Impreza

3. Simon Green and Andrew Thorpe- Subaru Impreza 


Border Motor Club Award: Phil Rowland and Phil Woodock- BMW M3


Spirit of the Rally

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