Marshals Information

Marshals of all specialities will be needed for the Alan Healy Memorial Cadwell Park Stages Rally

All marshals must have completed the Motorsport UK online training and hold a valid marshals license. If you have not completed this training but are interested in marshalling, please find the link to the online training HERE  

Border Motor Club would like to thank our marshals for the Alan Healy Memorial Cadwell Park Stages Rally


Signing on will be between 6.45am and 8.15am and marshals will be entered into the raffle and will also receive goodies too.


Marshals are required for all specialities and will need to have completed their Motorsport UK training. 


For more information on marshalling our event please email Josh Routledge on: 


Providing the weather has been kind and dry, when arriving for marshal's signing on please use the gate on the right hand side of the Cadwell Park Main entrance. It is a gravel track and will be signposted with a marshal at the gate. There will be an area to park near the signing on point.



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