COVID-19 Policy & Guidance

1. Code Of Practice

These are exceptional circumstances and Border Motor Club must comply with the latest Government and Motorsport UK guidance on Covid-19 at all times. All motorsport events operating during the Covid-19 pandemic need to ensure they are protecting all officials, marshals, competitors and support crew and minimising the risk of spread of infection as far as possible.


This Code of Practice is intended to introduce consistent measures on motorsport events organised by Border Motor Club (and granted an Event Permit by Motorsport UK), that are in line with the Government’s current recommendations on social distancing, face masks etc and with Motorsport UK’s latest guidance.


By signing on for this event you (the competitor, official, marshal or media) have agreed that you will comply with this Code of Practice while at the event, and you agree with the following statement:


I am not currently experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19 and have not knowingly been in contact with anyone showing symptoms within the last 14 days, except as a healthcare professional. If after submitting my entry form I do knowingly come into contact (except as a healthcare professional) with someone with COVID-19 or if I start to exhibit any of the signs indicating that I may be infected I will immediately withdraw from the event, notify Motorsport UK and ensure that my close contacts also do not attend.

Should I become ill at or start to exhibit COVID-19 symptoms at the event I shall withdraw safely and notify the Secretary of the Meeting by telephone / SMS accordingly including identification of those others who I have come into contact with at the event. I agree to abide by all Government and Motorsport UK requirements imposed in respect of COVID-19. I understand that Motorsport UK Guidance on COVID-19 in relation to Events has Regulatory status and to the extent applicable shall supersede the General Regulations by virtue of GR A.2.4. Breach of this obligation may lead to disciplinary action being taken (C.1.1).


Any competitor or member of their support crew observed by the event Covid-19 Officer to be NOT COMPLYING with this Code of Practice may be excluded from the event and asked to leave the venue immediately.


The health and safety requirements of any Motorsport Event must not be compromised. If an activity associated with the running of the event cannot be undertaken safely due to a lack of suitably qualified personnel being available or social distancing being implemented, it should not take place. 

2. Pre-event & Travelling to the Rally

The number of persons attending the event will be reduced to the minimum necessary to conduct the event safely. Competitors (driver and do-driver) may only bring a maximum of 3 support crew. All Competitors, Officials and Marshals will have completed a pre-event declaration (see above) to confirm that they are not currently experiencing any symptoms of Covid-19. Access to the venue will be regulated by MSV e-ticket and access to the Service Areas will be controlled by event wristbands which will only be supplied to those persons who have completed the pre-event declaration.


Any officials, marshals, competitor or members of their support team who demonstrates any of the following symptoms / meets the following criteria prior to the event must not attend the event and must notify the event organisers by telephone only:

- Has lost their sense of smell or taste.

- Has a high temperature or a new persistent cough - follow the guidance on self-isolation.

- Is living with someone in self-isolation or a vulnerable person.


Where possible competitors and members of their support team should travel to the rally alone using their own transport.

Where there is no option but to share transport:


- Journeys should be shared with the same individuals and with the minimum number of people at any one time.

- Good ventilation (i.e. keeping the windows open), facing away from each other and wearing face masks may help to reduce the risk of transmission.

- The vehicle should be cleaned regularly, using gloves and standard cleaning products, with emphasis on handles and other areas where passengers may have touched.

- A record of personnel sharing the vehicles used to travel to the rally must be kept for future reference.

- Every vehicle used to travel to the rally must carry hand sanitiser, 60% alcohol content for use by the occupants, noting the flammable nature of the sanitiser and that hands must be fully dried before coming into contact with sources of ignition, such as smoking. Wipes with a minimum 60% alcohol content are acceptable in lieu of sanitiser.

3. During the Rally

Any competitor or member of their support team who demonstrates any of the symptoms listed in 1.1.1 during the event, must:


- Inform the event organisers by telephone only and return home immediately.

- Avoid touching anything.

- Cough or sneeze into tissues that you take home with you and put in your own bin. If you do not have any tissues cough or sneeze into the crook of your elbow.

- Inform the organisers with a list of people and their contact numbers of who they came into close contact with while at the event. They must then follow the guidance on self-isolation and not return to their place of work or visit other locations outside of their home until their period of self-isolation has been completed.


All competitors and officials must always remain ‘socially distanced’. Everyone attending the event is expected to comply with social distance parameters (2 metres) with persons not part of their own household and wear appropriate PPE when in contact with members of their team / support crew who are not from the same household. A limited number of Spectators may be allowed at the venue, but they will only be permitted access to designated spectator areas. They will NOT have access to the Service Areas.


To control access to the Service Areas all Competitors and Support Crew will be provided with wristbands in the document pack which must be worn at all times whilst at the venue.

4. Facilities at the Venue

Everyone on site will be required to wear a face covering when inside any of the venue buildings. Signage will be in place to support this. Hand sanitiser will be widely available in public areas, especially at the toilets which will be regularly sanitised.


Access to Race Control will be strictly limited to a maximum of 6 event officials.


Vital Equipment will be providing a refuel service. They supply both a Motorsport UK compliant Super Unleaded fuel and a FIA spec Carless turbo fuel. We strongly emphasise the convenience, safety and organisational benefits that using the Vital Equipment facility brings to competitors, even more so in these times to ensure Covid-19 compliance. Pre-order your fuel in advance via or phone 01981 241169.


Protyre Motorsport (Michelin) will be attending the event. Please contact 01782 411001 to prearrange any tyre requirements.


Within the Service Area, competing cars will be parked ‘nose in’ with 2m gaps between adjacent teams. This is to ensure that access and exit from the vehicle is separated from neighbouring vehicles – Left hand drive vehicles will be reversed in. The use of enclosed awnings is prohibited. Open awnings and shelters are permitted.




To reduce the need to contact or carry out internal inspections of competing cars they will not be automatically scrutineered prior to starting the rally. The Chief Scrutineer will decide on which vehicles are to be checked and will undertake external checks with driver in and internal checks with driver out.


Competing Cars will not be Sound tested prior to starting the rally; however the Environmental Scrutineer (Noise) will monitor all competitors’ cars throughout the duration of the rally. Should the Environmental Scrutineer consider any competing car to be exceeding the prescribed maximum limit of 100db at 4.5m whilst traversing a stage, he will conduct a Sound/Noise test as per J5 in a suitable location to check the vehicles compliance with the limit.


The competing car should carry hand sanitiser, (60% alcohol content) for use by the crew, noting the flammable nature of the sanitiser and that hands must be fully dried before coming into contact with sources of ignition. Wipes with a minimum 60% alcohol content are acceptable in lieu of sanitiser.


During the event only the crew members may sit in or move the competing car. If members of your support crew / mechanics have to enter the car for any reason they must wear appropriate PPE and the area sanitised with wipes or spray prior to the crew re-entering the car. Additional time must be allowed for this sanitisation.


Facial covering (covering the mouth and nose) must be worn by the crew in the competing car and the support team when in close proximity (less than 2.0m) to others, particularly with regard to the sides of the nose. If a balaclava does not provide this level of tight fitting covering of the mouth and nose, then an additional facial covering must be worn. Care must be taken when removing all facial coverings, in line with Government guidance.


In the event of a fire, gloves such as Vinyl / latex will melt into the skin causing additional injuries and complications. Such gloves do not replace the need to frequently clean / sanitise the hands which remains the primary best practice for maintaining hygiene and minimising the risk of spread of infection.


Fire retardant / driving gloves if worn do not replace the need to frequently clean / sanitised hands which remains the primary best practice for maintaining hygiene and minimising the risk of spread of infection.


Only tight-fitting eye wear such as goggles or a visor for a full-face helmet afford any benefit and this remains a matter of personal choice of the competing crew and their support team.

5. On the Stages

To minimise the risk of spread of infection to / from marshals at controls on the rally, the requirement for marshals to lean into the competing car and handle the time cards has been eliminated. Competitors will follow the specific timing procedures contained in the ‘Limited Contact Rally Timekeeping - Competitor Guidance’ document. The Control Check sheets will each include a QR code so that the information they contain can be transferred electronically.


All licenced Medical, Rescue and Recovery personnel will have undergone specialised Covid-19 Training, delivered by both the NHS and Motorsport UK. They will all park in a specially defined areas and will wear level 3 PPE when interacting with competitors or officials.


Any competitor involved in an incident must indicate to marshals attending the scene that they are OK by signalling with a “thumbs up” at the front windscreen at the earliest opportunity. Failure to do so will result in the stage being stopped and mobilisation of Medical, Rescue and Recovery personnel.


In accordance with Motorsport UK guidance, marshals are not to enter vehicles or assist in extracting crew members from cars involved in incidents. They will only provide assistance to secure the area while the Medical, Rescue and Recovery personnel undertake their necessary actions to extract crew members who are unable to extract themselves.


All competitors must always remember to be ‘socially distanced’ whilst placing their warning triangle and whilst dealing with any recovery unit crews.

6. At the end of the Rally

Event results will be updated throughout the event and be available on-line via the event website at


Any results queries will be dealt with via text message / e-mail / Whatsapp message direct to the Results team.


There will be no prizegiving at the event. Awards will be delivered electronically or by post after the event.

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