Marshals Information

Marshals are always needed (and appreciated) at every motorsport event and the 2018 TJS Self Drive Alan Healy Memorial Cadwell Park Stages Rally held on the 8th of Apri 2018l is no different. We will need a number of marshals to fulfill marshalling and radio roles throughout the day at the Startline, In Stage and Finish line. There will be all the usual marshal's goodys and there will also be a prize-draw for signed on marshals with a variety of cash prizes!



Details to be confirmed soon, please check back again soon.


Under the new regulations that rally is held under all marshals need to hold both an MSA licence and have completed the online course related to this. However if you want to try it for the first time or you have not got a licence do not worry you can still come marshal, just make the marshals aware when you sign on and they will position you with an exerienced, licensed crew.   

For marshal's signing on please use the gate on the right hand side of the Cadwell Park Main entrance. It is a gravel track and will be signposted with a marshal at the gate. There will be an area to park near the signing on point. 

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